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We provide a complex service where modern website development is closely intertwined with aesthetic design, thoughtful branding and professional marketing. Our goal is to maximise your online presence, both aesthetically and commercially, and to create an image that represents you and your business!


Website developement

Premium websites that are both aesthetically and functionally perfect and represent you and your business in a remarkable way.

Branding & Design

Creating a self-identified and attractive visual identity through careful strategic planning.

Branding workshop

A creative and intensive brand building workshop where we will organise the basics of the heart of your business, your brand, and define the direction for its development.


We create professional and results-oriented advertising campaigns that ensure maximum effectiveness of your ads. Your business is starting to grow, and this is just the beginning.
The studio
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“The passion for outstanding aesthetics, and careful, thoughtful strategic planning that drives and motivates me.”

I’m Barbara Tilly, the founder of the Studio and we’re here to help you achieve your goals. As a style-designer and economist specialising in marketing, I take a holistic approach to the world of website design and branding. That’s why I created the branding studio, where we work with a number of professional and dedicated experts.

Our aim is to ensure that your brand, after a thorough strategic planning, represents your business both verbally and visually and that you have a premium website in the online space.

We do not compromise. We will only release work that delivers maximum value both aesthetically and functionally.

Thank you for the trust
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Kind words

"Barbi and I work together on branding consultancy and website developement. We are still very much at the beginning, but I find that Barbi wants to understand us thoroughly, our way of thinking, what we work on and how we work. She asks useful questions that I often don't have the answers to right off the bat. She makes me think. She helps to nuance and transform the message and atmosphere of Festina Lente. Focus and lightness: that's what characterises our work together. And of course we laugh a lot in the process."

"Barbara's brand analysis has helped us get closer to the message we want to communicate to our customers. Not only did she prove herself to be an excellent professional, but she also showed us the importance of thorough branding beyond aesthetics."

I highly recommend Barbara to any Hungarian company looking for a reliable and highly creative professional in branding, communication, graphic design and social media. Her unique style and high-end positioning make her an ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their image and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

In our opinion, Barbi is a true professional who is efficient and easy to work with. Her knowledge is up to date in both the online and offline marketing world. She is creative, flexible and energetic, with the client's interests 100% in mind. He is a pleasure to work with, both personally and professionally! We recommend him to all those we want to do well!

I am extremely satisfied with Barbi's work. Her creativity, cooperation and helpfulness represent professionalism. We were able to get on the same wavelength very quickly, so that my business logo, image and website are perfectly in line with my ideas, thus reflecting the high quality of my services. I highly recommend him to everyone!

weboldal készítés

Let's talk about your future website and your brand. Feel free to contact me at one of my contact details and let's start together towards a professional online presence!

Phone: +36 30 591 3088